Binder Insights Update #5

Robust Theme


Hope everyone is having a great week! BinderPOS has been hard at work over the past few months to improve the platform in order to meet your needs as a growing business. Let’s take a look at some of the features and updates the team has been working on!


We’re excited to announce that we now have a full in-house catalog for Pokemon, MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragon Ball Super, and Flesh and Blood. What does this mean for you? New sets will begin to appear in your store faster, with more data, and with higher quality images. You may have noticed already that images inside the BinderPOS portal have been updated to higher-quality versions. Going forward all new sets will be using the data our catalog team has produced. Quality updates to existing products aren’t the only thing this catalog is bringing to the table; we’re in the final stages of validating sealed TCG products and will be able to offer that to your store very soon.

There are always kinks and issues when anything new is deployed so don’t hesitate to reach out to our account team by submitting a support ticket or reaching out on Discord if you see any mistakes in a catalog listing. We have a dedicated team to handle and fix those issues promptly. As for Shopify, your current listings will remain the same. We will be soon releasing an optional rollout plan if you’d like to begin updating your existing listings to use our new data.

Premium Theme

We are continuing to upgrade and add features to the Premium Theme, including an update to the event module. The event module now has better search, more display options, and more sorting and filtering options when it comes to events. Buying multiple event tickets is now easier with support for registering multiple participants in the same order. Finally, non-ticketed events now generate a URL and page for you to share on social media as well!

SEO is an important behind-the-scenes part of running an e-commerce site. One of the big improvements we’ve made in this area is the addition of “Open Graph meta tags”. This will allow BinderPOS customers to set preview images for when you share links to products on messaging or social media sites. With this new addition to the premium theme, these previews will be more directed and consistent leading to more clicks and shares for your product pages.

Those of you using Standard theme, not to worry! We’re completely overhauling the design to be more in line with the standards we’ve used for the premium theme. We want to make sure no matter the use case for your website you have theme options to meet any of your business needs. Customers using the standard theme can expect an announcement in the coming weeks about how that is going to change for you. The new event module and the SEO improvements are great examples of some of the new features that will be getting their own versions in the standard theme as well.

Patch Notes

We also have made some minor improvements and bug fixes that will be released this month which are including below.
  • Improvements
    • Portal - Upgraded the HTML editor for the Event Management and integration settings page.
    • POS - “Buy Mode” in POS will now show the current sell price for reference.
    • POS - Barcode results will now pull in buy price when in “Buy Mode.”
    • Price Updater - A “Market Low” option will now be available on the Price Updater.
    • Price Updater - We have improved the price conditioning algorithm to better handle sudden changes.
    • Portal - We have added a service notification feature that will allow us to alert customers about system issues or scheduled maintenance.

  • Bug Fixes
    • Portal - A variant position has been added to API for advanced search to properly sort card conditions.
    • Portal - Image position sorting has been added to POS to ensure the primary image in Shopify is reflected in POS.
    • Product Updater - Will now be able to set proper weights in Shopify.
    • Product Updater - The Shopify SKU generation for cards generated by new catalog data has been fixed.
    • Premium Theme - The announcement bar no longer disappears on mobile.
    • Premium Theme - The page no longer fails to reload when some users added a Gift to the cart.
    • Premium Theme - There are no longer issues with custom excluded tags on the collection pages.
    • Premium Theme - The event module no longer lists the BinderPOS games Center as the location for all events.

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