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Hard to believe another month has gone by! Here is some news and updates on the development front.

Our internal catalog team has been working diligently to fix issues that have been reported in the last month. The team is in the process of overhauling rarity for Pokemon as well as fixing discrepancies in set names that have been reported (I.e. SM Base Set vs. Sun & Moon: Base Set). These caused issues in buylist, advanced search, and other things that use the catalog directly. There is also now a feature in the portal to opt-out of updates to existing products. If you select this option you will only receive new products and price updates. Any changes you want to make beyond that are up to you and will stay that way until you decide otherwise.

We are near the completion of our sealed product catalog. To start, this feature will only include Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Super, and Flesh and Blood. An update on how retailers can beta test these product lines will be coming soon.

eBay Integration
There have been a lot of questions about the status of our native eBay integration, and we have good news! BinderPOS has been approved for a new API that will be able to accommodate the level of new traffic we are expecting. We have been going through our alpha testing with a few live stores over the past month. Major bugs have been worked out and we feel it is in a good place to begin beta testing. We will be inviting a few more stores to join the beta so keep an eye out for further details.

POS Quality of Life
We have also worked on adding some quality-of-life updates to the POS. The biggest new feature is the ability to add notes to POS orders. Instead of just a simple note, you can now define your own custom text fields. This is useful for many customers who are required to take in certain information when it comes to trade-ins. For now, these notes are viewable in cart history, but a report is coming soon that will allow retailers to export and sort the notes by the custom fields.

Premium Theme
The development team has invested a lot of resources into improving the process that deploys theme updates. Pushing updates previously was time-consuming, and accumulated to the point where they all had to be pushed at once. With this process improvement, all premium theme accounts should now receive more frequent updates and bug fixes.

Server Infrastructure
Over the past month, a large portion of our development efforts have gone towards updating the infrastructure of the product, which includes all of the boring pieces that work behind the scenes to keep BinderPOS running smoothly. Search speeds and system stability all stand to gain immediate benefit from these efforts, but the main goal is to facilitate quick development of new features. Just like how you need a clean workshop to begin a weekend project, it’s important that the environment in which BinderPOS features live also be organized and well maintained. If you’re interested in technical details, we will be coming out with some blog posts soon that cover the technologies we use, and how to use them.

Patch Notes

  • Improvements
    • POS - Loading Icon more apparent
    • POS - Notes feature added
    • Events - Can now set ticket image for non ticketed events
    • Events - Tickets now created 3 months in advanced to sync with calendar
    • Portal - Added product update opt out setting
  • Fixes
    • Portal - Export Search button now ends loading animation
    • Portal - Date selector for reports updated to prevent display error
    • Portal - “Class” field not searchable in advanced search
    • Theme - Decklist search returning partial or no results fixed
    • POS - Reprint receipt styling issue resolved
    • POS - Fixed issue with tax toggle button reverting after cart update
    • Premium Theme - Fixed styling so long product names do not hide set name
    • Premium Theme - Fixed currency symbol issue
    • Premium Theme - Fixed issue where newsletter page displayed captcha
    • Premium Theme - Fixed issue with secondary color not applying to all elements
    • Premium Theme - Fixed issue where search results display wrong game attributes when null
    • Premium Theme - Fixed issue with TCG filters in premium theme
    • Premium Theme - Hide shipping calculator if no items require shipping
    • Premium Theme - Adding products from collection pages now works with the mini cart

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