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Another month, another update. Things are quiet on the development front, but that doesn't mean we haven't been hard at work on fixing bugs and issues. Here are some updates on what we’ve been working on:

eBay Integration

Now that we’ve had our API limits increased we’ve been able to run larger amounts of traffic through our integration. This has validated many of the components of the system but has also revealed parts that don’t work as well as hoped. We’re continuing to work through these bugs to deliver the best possible integration. Many stores have already reached out for beta access and we are going through that list as we ramp up the testing. It’s worth noting that for the moment the integration and beta is limited to the US. This will change in the future as we make sure we work out and conform to the minor requirements of each region.


We’re nearing completion of the sealed product catalogs for Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Super, and Flesh and Blood. This process has undergone a large amount of scrutiny and we’re really happy with the state it’s approaching. We’ve learned a lot doing this and have developed many processes around the catalog that will not only help sealed offerings but also help increase the accuracy of the singles entries. We really appreciate everyone's patience and feedback during this time of transition, this isn't something we could have done without the help of the community.

Some of the problems users have been experiencing don’t solely come from our catalog, but rather the system that translates those entries into BinderPOS and Shopify Products/Variants. Especially when generating variants for new cards, we took a “play it safe” approach, and if public printing information wasn’t fully known yet we would err on the safe side by creating all the variants that could exist. This resulted in Normal/Foil variants to be generated (oftentimes with $0 price) when they didn’t exist. Now that we have a dedicated process for finding this information we’ve updated this system to rely on data from our catalog instead this approach. This will reduce issues with non-existent printings appearing in your system.

Premium Theme

A bucket list of changes has been happening around the Premium theme. To start we will be welcoming the release of Premium Theme 4 on July 23rd. The new theme is a feature-rich version of the completely revamped standard theme. Visually it has the same look but is equipped with new sections, unlike any released so far.

Additionally, we have implemented new website functionality and now have a working quick buy preview modal and a working wishlist throughout the whole website. This wishlist is cookie-based, so it works regardless of if the customer is logged in or not.

On another note, we have come to the realization that one super “all-in-one” premium theme was not the correct call when it comes to managing the premium theme library. Not only did it add complexity to the setup/configuration process, but it also causes all sorts of conflicts, resulting in higher support requests.

We have made an executive call, to start the process of splitting these themes out into individual themes as part of a theme library. The codebase on each theme will be refactored one by one in uniform and allow such things as the navigation to work correctly across different themes.

Standard Theme

It’s exciting to announce that the standard theme is finally receiving some much-needed TLC. The theme has been redesigned completely and brought up to date with current best practices around UI/UX. The theme will be rolled out in phases, and your account managers will reach out when it's time for your upgrade.

The new standard theme has also been hooked up to a theme deployment infrastructure, meaning updates/additional features will be easy to implement moving forward.

Patch Notes

  • Updates

    • Portal - Logout/Login Properly clears cached auth tokens

    • POS - Active cart should no longer become abandoned

    • Portal - Search properly handles special characters

    • Portal - Fixed password reset page

    • Portal - Buylist page now properly handles multiple cards with the same name and set

    • POS - Fixed float ledger modal (contents would overflow)

    • Portal - Buylist completion prompts for email are at the appropriate step now

    • POS - Events added from Quicklinks now prompts the proper info

    • Portal - Fixed retry on the “Buylist Failed to Sync” page

    • Portal - Fixed issue with buylist rule page crashing under Yu-Gi-Oh!

    • Product Generator - Fixed issue with FAB titles

    • Product Generator - Fixed SKU generation

    • Standard Theme Completed - Rollout will be in Phases

    • Premium Theme Four Completed - Rollout will be in Phases

    • Quick view & cookie-based Wishlist added to Standard Theme and Premium Theme Four

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