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The past month at BinderPOS has been very busy for the dev team. We've mainly been focusing on fixing bugs in the system and continued on our path to have a better infrastructure to more quickly roll out updates and more extensive changes to the system as a whole. Let's take a look at some of the highlights.

Price Updater

As BinderPOS grows, so does the need for scaling our applications. When the price updater was initially built, we used an event-driven model with a serverless infrastructure that worked well for our first 200 customers. As we continued to grow, more pressure was being put onto the price updater and also onto our database. This generally wouldn’t be an issue however, with the limitations we have with the Shopify API it became very cumbersome and harder to scale. It was often difficult to debug some of the issues we were experiencing. As a result, we have overhauled the price updater with some more utilities that will allow us to debug any issues that you may be experiencing with a product incorrectly priced.

Native eBay Integration

As mentioned in our last insights post, we have continued to make significant progress on the eBay integration, and we are currently in the process of setting up templates for listings, shipping etc and ensuring that setting up the integration is a breeze for our customers. There is still plenty left to do on the integration, but we are getting closer to providing a sneak peek into what to expect.

Environment Upgrades

We are continuing to develop and design the system moving forward, as mentioned in our last insights update. We plan to become the source of truth for all data, making Shopify a sales Channel similar to eBay and in the future Amazon. We have made learnings on the approach we were initially taking and found some limitations to how it will scale as we continue to grow as a company. We have pivoted from this approach to another more Event Driven model, which we will dive into more in an upcoming BinderPOS Insights post.

Account Managers Portal

We have continued to add additional functionality to the account managers portal for the account managers to better fix and update issues. The latest update helps with fixing products and variants without the intervention of a developer. We are continuing to improve and provide additional functionality to this portal so that our Account Managers can provide better troubleshooting with any problems that you may be experiencing.


  • (New) Report for individual customers store credit
  • (New) Report to show all remaining store credit for customers
  • (New) Add catalog fix functionality to account managers portal
  • (New) Add ability to edit cards in account managers portal
  • (New) Ability to add a logo to your settings in preparation for later upgrades on receipt and buylist
  • (New) Added simple buylist filtering to portal buylist screen
    • Game
    • Card Name
    • Set Name
    • Total Buy Price
    • Total Sell Price
    • Quantity
  • (New) Add filtering to the missing card pushing module
  • (New) Report to show all store credit used in a given timeframe
  • (Update) Updated the CSV Export module to allow for title and mailto address
  • (Update) The mobile menu now closes after item selection in the portal
  • (Bugfix) Exit POS button behavior no longer closes the browser
  • (Bugfix) Fixed the issue where receipts would show incorrect discount applied to multiple cards
  • (Bugfix) Large carts no longer hang forever and never submit to Shopify - Unfortunately, Shopify can’t handle large carts and throw a 502 error. We have changed the behavior slightly so that the line items are consolidated into one custom line item and will require you to view that cart in BinderPOS for additional details
  • (Bugfix) Fixed an edge-case issue where duplicate carts were submitted, one real and an additional phantom one to Shopify
  • (Bugfix) Adding a new card to buylist defaults to foil prices if there are no prices on the non-foil version of the card, now defaults to 0
  • (In Development) PDF export of submitted buylist showing T&C’s
  • (In Development) Update CSV import to work with ROCA Headers
  • (In Development) eBay Client: Add/Get/Del Inventory Items
  • (In Development) eBay Client: Add/Update Seller Market Locations
  • (In Development) eBay Client: Shipping Service/Carrier Update Task
  • (In Development) eBay Client: Payment Method Update Task
  • (In Development) eBay Client: Dynamic Conditions per Category Task
  • (In Development) eBay Client: Dynamic Valid Payment Methods per Category Sch Task
  • (In Development / Testing) Converting the Buylist from Vanilla Javascript to React to better align with our technology stack and easier to implement and test upgrades moving forward

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