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We welcome our first developmental blog, known as BinderPOS Insights. The aim is to showcase what the Binder team has been working on the past fortnight. We will strive to make these informative pieces as transparent as possible and released bi-monthly, which falls in line with the completion of our developmental sprints. 


  • (New) Reporting module added to the portal (beta).
  • (New) GraphQL API for querying products/categories.
  • (New) Filtering added to existing portal modules.
  • (New) New cart page UI to handle tax with store credit. 
  • (New) eBay sync integration - OAuth authentication
  • (Update) Buylist UI updated for ease of approval.
  • (Update) Price update module v2 - Final tweaks.
  • (Update) RESTful API endpoints for admin catalog fixes.
  • (Bugfix) Firebase Auth issues fixed (Fixed POS sessions dropping).
  • (Bugfix) Fixed issue with buylist accept/decline not working.



In this latest update, we were proud to present the arrival of the long-awaited reporting module. We currently have buylist reports, stock inventory reports, and a handful of sales reports, like sales by tender and sales by category. For our WPN stores, we are excited to offer a WPN premium report.



In the latest update, we addressed the issue of a lack of filtering within the BinderPOS portal. Filtering was added throughout the portal and across most modules.


Buylist UI

The acceptance and grading process required a UX overhaul. Previously it required far too many clicks in cases where the submitted cards were split across variest playable conditions. The system wasn't intuitive, so we changed it from a modal based selector system to just easy to use input fields.

New eCommerce cart/checkout

The usage of store credit upon completing a web checkout has always felt like a broken workflow. The option to use store credit presented only on the cart page and not when completing the multiple steps at checkout.  With some clever use of Shopify's storefront APIs, we have built a smart cart page. All the store credit, shipping, and tax information can be seen in one place resulting in a more intuitive checkout experience.  

The checkout is still in the final stages of development, so keep a lookout for its release.

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