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About Us

BinderPOS started as a small project for a store in New Zealand, 
quickly growing into a standalone system for game stores worldwide.
We are passionate about giving hobby stores
the tools they need to thrive.

Our capabilities

From selling your first product online to managing multiple sales channels with thousands of online and in-store orders, BinderPOS is with you through every step. 

More than just a software solution for your business, we will help you grow and achieve the dreams you set out for your business. 

Our partnerships with leading technology companies provides you with a smooth eCommerce experience, ensuring you have the tools you need - allowing you to concentrate on building the business of your dreams.

Shopify opens up a wide range of third-party integrations and applications, helping to improve your sales and business processes, so you spend more time doing things, and less time thinking about how to do them.

With automating fulfillment, increasing online exposure, managing events, reviewing your customer experience and so much more, the  BinderPOS team is here to help you reach all of your business goals.


Our technology partners

All the tools you need!

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