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BinderPOS has everything you need and a whole lot more

BinderPOS offers a massive library of features to you, your staff and your customers. We will help you sell more products, to more people, faster. Upgrade your store software to an easier, cheaper and more effective solution today.

Shopify eCommerce Platform

In addition to all of the amazing features Shopify brings to the table, our customers also get to leverage the marketing benefits; easily moving your store up the Google page rankings for products and content. Effortlessly publish products to multiple sales channels simultaneously.

If you are looking for a full feature list of what Shopify offers, See them all for yourself

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Key Features

  • Fully customizable website, online store, and blog
  • Accept credit cards instantly with Shopify Payments
  • Automate fulfillment process with 3rd party shipping apps
  • Unlimited bandwidth, product inventory, and customer data
  • Access to multiple sales channels
  • And much more


Multi-Language Module

Unlike other translation tools you find online that partly translate items and leave sentences and words not sounding quite right on your website, the translation tool we provide allows you automatically translate all your content and make spot changes anywhere on the site within those translations.

We support the ability for clients to view products in multiple currencies so shopping online from anywhere is the same great experience regardless of location

Key Features

  • Admin access
  • Spot changes on translations
  • Clean user experience
  • Automation
  • Currency localisation


Our Credit Module

The Customer Credit module has been created with minimal internal upkeep in mind, when it comes to managing your customers credit based on events, buylists and more. The BinderPOS credit module automates 99% of the job.


Full transaction history is accessible with notes along with credit balance both in the credit dashboard for stores and to their customers. A custom amount of credit can be applied to orders  at the online checkout or the Binder POS checkout.

Key Features

  • Flexible credit usage
  • Automatic account creation
  • Detailed credit history
  • Intuitive admin control
  • Easy user experience


TCG Card Databases

Automatic Pricing for All Singles Catalogs!

TCG Singles prices are updated automatically every 6 hours and require no input from customers. The price algorithms are customizable to match your business’s desired pricing. New sets are automatically added prior to their release dates and become available for pre-order.

Current price supported singles catalogs: Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball Super, Flesh and Blood, MetaZoo, Digimon, My Hero Academia, Card Fight Vanguard, Final Fantasy, Force of Will, One Piece, Grand Archive, Lorcana, Battle Spirits Saga, Shadowverse Evolve, Sorcery, Star Wars: Unlimited, Dragon Ball Super: Fusion World, WIXOSS, and Weiss Schwarz.


Other Available Catalogs

While these sealed catalogs do not come with automatic pricing options we still have several you can choose from. All catalogs come with quality images, descriptions, tags and other basic information.

Current supported sealed catalogs: Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball Super, Flesh and Blood, MetaZoo, Digimon, My Hero Academia, One Piece, Grand Archive, Lorcana, Battle Spirits Saga, Shadowverse Evolve, Sorcery, Star Wars: Unlimited, Dragon Ball Super: Fusion World, Weiss Schwarz, and Ultra PRO 


Key Features

  • Complete database
  • Multiple game support
  • Custom pricing
  • Automated updates
  • Pre-order functionality


Sales Channel Integration

Between BinderPOS and Shopify we allow integration to many sales channels. It is as simple as going to the sales channels tab in your Shopify admin portal and installing new channels.


Channels cover popular social store channels such as Google Shopping, Facebook Marketing place, Instagram sales, and more. 


BinderPOS supports eBay and TCGplayer integrations.

Key Features

  • Stock management
  • Stock syncing
  • Easy fulfillment
  • Simple setup


Point of Sales

BinderPOS offers a Point of Sale solution for your brick and mortar storefront. Our ever improving POS is cloud based and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection on any computer or tablet.


Our POS live syncs stock levels and custom data for a seamless, over-the-counter experience.


Key Features

  • Stock sync
  • Save / Load carts
  • Buy / Sell modes
  • Till & Ledger Management
  • Works with cash tills, receipt printers & bar-code scanners
  • Many more features


Our Buylist Module

The Buylist module allows store owners to configure our custom rule generator to dictate which cards a store will and will not buy and how much they will pay in credit or cash.


Customers have a clean and easy experience when creating a Buylist for store owners to review, edit, then accept or deny. From there stock is automatically added from an approved list along with automatic application of credit if applicable.

Key Features

  • Custom rule engine
  • Automatic stock loading
  • Email notifications
  • Transaction history
  • Clean user experience


Event Management

Creating and managing ticketed and non-ticketed events through your website and POS is a breeze with the BinderPOS event management tool.


Events can be made recurring and also be styled with custom visuals for tickets, hero image, banner and more.


Customers can be prompted to answer questions on signup like “What is your event-link email?” This information is compiled and can then be downloaded from the BinderPOS portal at the time of the event.


Key Features

  • eCommerce tickets
  • Attendance tracking
  • Information gathering
  • Dynamic calendar
  • Customizable UI


Social Media Integration

Full integration support of industry leading social media channels allows your business to get more site visits and engage on a higher level with your customers.

Along with displaying content from social feeds on your website, you can also push and manage products for sale through these social media platforms.

Key Features

  • Image syncing
  • Automation
  • Backlinks & Seo benefits
  • Easy setup
  • Simple management
  • Selling products


Analytics & Reporting

When it comes to stock purchasing, buylists and advertising it is important to know which products are selling and through which channels. We provide a range of dashboards and reporting tools pre configured to help you better understand these areas of your online business.

Reports can be automated and sent to company emails to keep things easy and non-resource intensive.

Key Features

  • Live dashboard
  • Custom reports
  • Automation
  • Channel tracking
  • Business insight


Extensive App Library

Shopify is a closed source platform that has a community of developers building apps for the Shopify app store.


These apps are tested by the Shopify staff then added to the library for viewing and installing. Clients can install and manage apps that will benefit their business. There are thousands of apps available. Check the app store link below.

Click here to view the Shopify app store

Key Features

  • Afterpay / Layby
  • Fulfillment
  • After sale
  • Subscription payments
  • BinderPOS support


All the tools you need!

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