How to Add & Manage Collections in Shopify

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How to Add & Manage Collections in Shopify

Collections are a great tool in Shopify that all store owners could be taking advantage of. A collection is a group of products that allow your customers to find the products they are looking for much quicker and easier when shopping online. It is important to always keep your collections up to date with your store’s inventory. Let's go over the different types of collections Shopify offers and how to set them up.


There are two types of collections in Shopify that store owners can use. There are Manual collections and Automated collections. The main difference between the two is that Manual ones give you the flexibility to add any product you would like to it, while the Automated ones only allows you to add products based on specific conditions.

Manual collections are beneficial for store owners because they allow owners to add any product in their inventory to the collection. It can take a little bit longer to set up these collections because you must add each item one by one, but you can add anything from your store, making them much more flexible. A good example of a Manual collection that we have seen before is creating a collection of Magic cards that build a popular deck. This makes it easy for the customer to find all the cards they need to complete the deck all under that one collection.


To create a new Manual collection in Shopify, navigate to the collections tab under products on your homepage and select “Create Collection” in the top right corner. Now you must name the collection, then select Manual, and click save. Shopify also gives you the option to add an image, description, and a search engine listing preview on all collections. Once you have created, named, and saved your new collection, you are ready to add products to it. Use the products section of the create collection page to browse and add any products one by one from your inventory to the collection.


The quicker way to create a collection in Shopify is by making an Automated collection. With automated collections, you are only able to add products to it based on specific conditions. For example, if you created a collection for Flesh and Blood cards under 5 dollars, then every Flesh and Blood card in your inventory that is under that price limit will appear in the collection, making it easier for the customer to find what they came to get.


Creating an Automated collection is essentially the same as the Manual one but with a few extra steps. Go to the collections tab under products on your Shopify homepage and click "Create Collection." Name the collection, but this time instead of selecting Manual, you will select Automated. Now, you must set the conditions for this specific collection. Some examples of conditions you can use are price, product type, or even both like we said above with all Flesh and Blood cards under 5 dollars.


Collections can be so useful to help the success of the online aspect of your company. It makes it much faster and simpler for your customers to find what they are looking for, while at the same time see all the different types of products your store has to offer. The biggest thing we look for with our online shopping is the best user experience as possible, and that is exactly what these collections will help do.

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