How to Add Discount Codes in Shopify

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How to Add Discount Codes in Shopify

With the end of the year approaching, store owners need to be ready for the busy holiday season. Most store owners offer deals on products and merchandise during this time to boost up sales before the end of the year, so it is important to know how to add discounts on your online store in Shopify.


To create a discount in Shopify, start by going to your account and selecting the “Discounts” tab. From there, you can click the “Create Discount” button. This will take you to the page where you can actually set up the kind of discount you would like. You start by naming the discount, then choose which type of discount you want to offer.


There are many different types of discounts in Shopify, like fixed value, percentage, or shipping discounts on products. You can also set them up based on specific products, minimum order amounts, certain types of customers and more. Once you come up with a name and the type of discount you are offering, you must choose the value of it. Whether it be what percentage you are offering off products, free shipping in certain countries or states, here is where you will input those values.


After selecting the value, you next must input who is eligible and the minimum purchase requirements for the discount. Shopify gives you the option to choose either a minimum purchase amount, or a minimum number of items in the order to be eligible for it. It also allows you to only offer the discount to select customers, which can be adjusted as well. These features are nice because it allows each store to choose which type of discount works best for them.


The final step you must do when adding a discount is set the usage limits for the discount, as well as the dates it will be active. Shopify allows you to limit the discount to a total number of uses or one per customer. You are also able to select no end date to keep it going as long as you would like. Once you have added all the above steps to your discount, it is time to click save and your discount code will then be live.


Shopify makes it easy for every store to set up discounts that are going to be the most beneficial to their store and their customers. Following these steps will make it easy to add discount codes in Shopify. Remember, you can add or end discounts whenever you would like. With the holiday season coming up, now is a good time to get these discounts prepped set up!

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