Fairly Distributing Promotional Products to Customers

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Fairly Distributing Promotional Products to Customers

Distributing buy-a-box promotions, limited edition products, and other promotions to your customers can be challenging. Store owners want to be able to distribute them to as many customers as possible, but with only a limited amount of each it can be hard to know the best way to do so. Here are some tips and strategies that we have found to be very helpful when it comes to distributing your promotional products.


The first thing store owners want to make sure they are doing is limiting the amount of buy-a-box promotions and limited-edition products that each customer can purchase. Since you are only given a limited amount of these products, it is important to limit how many each person can purchase so that more of your customers have a chance to buy them.


Another strategy that is helpful with your promotional items is offering some of the product to your local and loyal customers first by selling these products in store only to start. This gives your loyal customer base an advantage over your other customers by allowing them to buy these limited editions products before anyone else. It will show them that you care and appreciate their business and will keep them coming back for more. 


The next thing store owners can do is segment their customers. Create a mailing list with your local and regular customers email addresses and let them know about upcoming promotions and products you have hitting your shelves soon. Let them be the ones to spread the word around your community and get more people into your store. Again, this shows them that you want to take care of them, and that you want them to stay loyal to your store.


One last way to help fairly distribute buy-a-box promos and limited-edition products is by setting aside a set amount of these products for your loyal customers. This can really help store owners build that relationship with customers by giving them a chance at getting these products, even if they weren’t the first ones in line the day they came out. By setting a side 10 or so of these products, store owners will still be able to sell them, while also showing their loyal customers that they care about them and the business they bring to their store.

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