How to Market Sales & Product Releases

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How to Market Sales & Product Releases

This might sound obvious, but knowing how to market sales and product releases can be an easy source of revenue for you. Ok, you knew that already, it’s not exactly rocket surgery, but there are some key ways to improve your marketing efforts and attract more custom during sales and new product releases.

Starting with your website gives you a very simple way to grab your visitor’s attention and drive them toward your promotion. First of all, you should update your homepage slider to include the current promotion. Make sure it’s clickable and brings the customer through to all the relevant products to that promotion.

A banner advertising the promotion is something you can use across the website to further draw customers in. Take a look at the below examples of both a homepage slider and a banner advertisement for a sale on They’re big, splashy and attractive to the customer. That’s what you’re aiming for.



Ok, so that’s the website done, now you need to get the word out to people who might not visit in the first place. It turns out that if you build it, they may not actually come after all. 

Being active on social media is the simplest solution. Posting details of your promotion, the great bargains in your sale or the time left until the big product release all keep the customer engaged and remind them to visit the site. 

Your posts should explain what the sale or release is about and have a call to action to bring customers to the website. Attractive images help here too, you need to catch the eye of the scroller and give them a reason to stop for your post.

ChannelFireball uses matching imagery on social media and their website. This creates consistency so the customer knows they’re in the right place. It also stands out on the page with clear, bold text. A call to action is always added above the image and in every post, the copy clearly explains the sale. Simple, effective marketing.

You should also take this opportunity to use your email database. You can sporadically contact your customers when a product release is on the horizon, then once you get within two weeks of it you can start emailing every other day. For sales, you should be emailing every other day while the sale is ongoing to remind customers that they have a chance to make a saving. This also helps to build that sense of FOMO that really motivates purchases.

Finally, marketing in-store can really help if you have a physical space. Hang posters and signs to draw your customers’ attention to the new release or sale. Putting them up in place where people congregate is important, so you get as many eyes on the advertisement as possible. The more people see it, the more people will make a purchase. 

Marketing a release or a sale is very similar, the key difference between the two is that product releases should be promoted before the date the product is available, while sales should be marketing during the promotion, rather than before. Alright, you are all set to starting marketing your store's sales & product releases! 

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