The Best KPI's to Track as a Game Store Owner

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Best KPI's to Track as a Game Store Owner


Every game store owner has different KPIs to keep track of depending on the size of their store, their inventory, and the location of their store. We have put together the four most important KPIs that every game store owner should be tracking to help their store be as successful as possible.


The first KPI all game store owners should be tracking is their gross profit and expense. This may be obvious, but there are many benefits for store owners who are tracking these. It helps to have a better understanding of what money is coming in and going out of your store, and allows you to identify trends in their inventory a lot easier to help adjust your strategies on selling and spending accordingly.


Tracking unique customers of your store, as well as unique players at any tournaments your store may host is the next KPI that can be very beneficial for store owners to track. This will tell game store owners if their customer base is growing, or if it is staying stagnant. When you see a decline or a growth in your customer base, tracking these KPIs will allow you to be proactive in trying to get as many customers into your store as possible.


Finally, the last but also very important KPI store owners should be tracking is how many cards they are buying over the counter. Reselling singles has one of the highest margins for game stores in this industry, so keeping track of how much your store buys can really help you maximize your profit. This KPI will tell owners if there is any kind of decline in purchasing cards from customers over the counter and allow you to correct right away. 

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