LGS’ Need an Online Buylist—Here’s Why

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Local Game Stores Need an Online Buylist—Here’s Why

Local game stores often rely on selling singles as a significant revenue stream for the business. Many game stores crack boxes from new releases to acquire singles. But there are plenty of other cards a store may want to stock—especially from older sets. Therefore, game stores often use buylists to purchase singles from customers at a fraction of the cost. 

For game store owners, the task of reviewing inventory and pricing out buylists takes an exorbitant amount of time and energy. Even though a customer may walk in with great cards to sell, a game store may be too overwhelmed by other business activities to accept the buylist for review. This results in missed opportunities and revenue. 

The Importance of Online Buylists for Local Game Stores

Local game stores understand not only the benefit but the necessity of having an online store. Many game stores have become accustomed to selling trading card singles online. It makes sense, then, that the business would seek a way to buy singles from customers online as well. 

Customers are also looking for ways to easily sell their singles online. An online buylist allows local game stores to make it easy for their customers to do just that. 

Key Features of an Online Buylist 

Local game stores have a finite amount of resources to invest in singles. Therefore, game stores often seek specific cards or buy cards within a certain price range. Automating this process is what an online buylist does for game store owners. BinderPOS offers a buylist module with the following key features: 

Custom Rule Engine

The online buylist module allows game store owners to create a custom rule. For example, if the game store generally buys singles at 50 percent of the card’s value, the owner can create a rule so that the online buylist module reflects these prices. Customers need to be able to view how much a store is willing to pay for each card. These custom rules make that possible. 

When a customer is creating a buylist, they also need to be able to view what cards the store is willing to buy. The online buylist module allows stores to customize which cards they are and are not in the market to buy.

Without this feature, a customer may submit a large buylist with only a couple cards the store is willing to buy. This creates a frustrating experience for the customer that dissuades them from submitting in the future.

Automatic Stock Loading

Once the customer submits the buylist, game store owners are able to review the list, edit what cards are included and in what quantities, then accept or deny the buylist. 

Once the store owner has accepted a buylist, the online buylist module automatically adds the new cards to the store’s online stock. Local game stores commonly offer credit or cash in exchange for card singles. The buylist module also automatically applies the appropriate amount of credit to the customer’s account. 

Email Notifications

Email notifications are sent to both the local game store owner and the customer who submitted a buylist at each step of the process. When there is a new buylist for a game store owner to review, email notifications are sent to alert them. Once the owner has approved or denied the list, the customer is sent an email with the details of the final buylist, including the amount of credit or cash added to their account.

All of this is delivered through a clean user interface. Game store owners are provided with a complete transaction history, as well as detailed reports on store inventory through BinderPOS. 

Customers Trust Their Local Game Store

Trading card game players have a lot of options when selling a single, valuable card online. However, there are few places online where customers feel comfortable selling cards in bulk. Because of this, customers will often turn to their local game store to inquire about buying cards. When a store has the option for that customer to go online and submit a buylist, they are empowered to begin the process immediately.  

BinderPOS is a complete Point-of-Sale solution, designed specifically for the needs of game stores owners. Alongside this buylist module, BinderPOS offers automatic singles pricing—updated every 12 hours. For local game stores that sell trading card singles, these features save time while generating income. Book a demo to learn more.

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