Marketing Strategies for Local Game Stores in 2022

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Marketing Strategies for Local Game Stores in 2022

A crucial aspect of any business is its marketing strategy. Effective marketing strategies build business awareness, foster community around a brand, and result in loyal customers that return again and again. In 2022, creating an online presence is a powerful way to generate interest in a business—local game stores included. 

The first step of a marketing strategy is to consider how someone will find your business. Once found, the value of the business should be apparent. From here, the customer may visit your game store and purchase something. But generally, customers need to see a marketing message seven times before they buy. 

Luckily for game store owners, customers already have an interest in the products you offer. It takes less effort to sell them on what you’re selling but more to foster community and build loyalty. Sharing valuable content and building an email list are great ways to do this. 

Why Do Marketing Strategies Work?

The content you share allows people to discover your business. Your email list allows you to build relationships with potential and returning customers without a “middleman”. This loop, from customer awareness to consideration to action to retention, is called a marketing funnel.

The most powerful marketing funnel is (and always will be) word-of-mouth. This is true because the most important aspect of sales has already been achieved: trust. This person heard good things from someone whose opinion they trust. Therefore, when they become aware of your business, they are already convinced of the value of your business provides. 

A marketing funnel allows you to build that trust overtime.

How Will People Find Your Game Store?

As a local game store, it is always a good idea to leverage your position within the community. There are a million ways to promote a business; here are some strategies to consider: 

  • Speak to your local newspaper or television station about a feature piece;
  • Register with Google Business and directories like it;
  • Create a website and include on-page keywords about your business and location;
  • Consistently create content online; i.e. Youtube videos, blog posts, Instagram page, etc,;
  • Strategically utilize targeted paid advertising;
  • Consider using Google Adwords to appear in local search;

If you live in the community you serve, you likely already have an idea of how to reach them. Diversifying your outreach is an important way to expand your customer-base and discover who your loyal patrons are. 

Build Your Email List 

Building an email list allows you to consistently deliver value to the audience who has already said they’re interested in what you provide. As a local game store owner, you might share news and opinions regarding the popular releases and products. You can use your list to promote events, market specific items, and maintain customer awareness. 

To acquire emails, businesses will often offer something of value in exchange. This could be anything from a PDF guide to a coupon for 20% off in-store. The key is to offer something that your audience can’t resist. For local game stores, it’s even better if this offer also encourages them to visit the store. 

Sell Directly to Your Audience while Fostering Community

No matter how good your marketing strategy may be, how you conduct business will set the tone. Local game stores rely on the investment of their community. Valuing this exchange and the relationships therein will always net positive results. 

Furthermore, in any business, it is always necessary to balance direct sales with community building. Utilize your social media presence and growing email list to strike this balance. 

Once you have an audience you’re engaging with, invest in learning more about them and how your business can provide added value as a local game store. At this stage, you might:

  • Create a loyalty rewards program 
  • Offer prizes for events and/or provide discounts for participants
  • Host pre-sold unboxing live-streams with buyer shoutouts 
  • Sponsor related clubs at schools and universities 

Local games stores shouldn’t be afraid to feature the magical people that make it a great place to be—and a store worth investing in. Don’t be afraid to lead with personality. 

Marketing Sprints & Marathons

A successful marketing strategy incorporates both sprints and marathons. 

Sprints are short, focused strategies intended to generate quick growth for a business. Creating a targeted ad campaign on Meta (formerly Facebook), hosting a pre-release event (in-store or online), advertising a promotional offer—these are all examples of sprints. 

Marathon marketing strategies include: producing consistent content on social media, fostering community through weekly events, informing your audience and providing value with a newsletter. Marketing marathons must be sustainable. This is what you consistently create and produce in order to build a relationship with customers and the greater community. 

Solutions for Local Game Store Owners 

Start with the marketing strategies that are exciting to you. Give yourself time to learn each step as you implement them. There is no perfect marketing plan—just imperfect yet consistent action and the willingness to pivot. Of course, building your business is easier when the backend runs smoothly. 

As a complete solution, BinderPOS is a standalone system for game stores. From setting up and selling your first product online through to managing multiple sales channels and thousands of online and in-store orders, BinderPOS has you covered.

Our catalog of third-party integrations and applications will help you improve sales and business workflows. BinderPOS offers automated fulfillment, tools for greater online exposure, event management, customer reports and analytics, and so much more. Book a demo today.

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