Optimizing Product Pages

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Optimizing Product Pages

Creating an effective product page is an extremely important part of converting visitors to customers. Getting your customers to your website is often the easy part of the sales funnel, with research suggesting that only 3% of visitors actually make a purchase. I don’t like those odds!

There are many factors involved in conversions, but your product page is a big one, and it’s a great place to get some easy wins.

Consider your website for a moment. Are the most popular products you offer easy to find? Can everything you sell be located in a timely manner?

Your Homepage

Let’s take trading cards as an example. Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! are arguably the most popular products in their category. Because of this, it’s incredibly beneficial to add tabs linking to these products on the homepage of a TCG store page. Customers for each game are different and funneling them to the product they want quickly makes converting them far easier. Making sure those products are listed on your site map is a big deal too – it’s another way to get people where they want to be – and where you want them to be too!

Your website’s banner image or homepage slider can also help. Letting it cycle through the most popular products, so there is a big, splashy image for each one, is eye-catching and encourages visitors to click on it – taking them to the product page. You can also rotate in your hottest or newest products if you have imagery for them, since visitors will often be looking for the new and exciting product.

Your Product List

Ok, you’ve got the customer where you want them. Now what? Well, there are a few tricks you can use to make sure your products are listed in the correct order. Put those in highest demand first – sorting by best selling or popularity is a good way to achieve this. You can include a dropdown that changes the sort order to sort by time or price, but putting the most popular products front and center means your biggest selling products are right there for the visitor when they hit the product page. That means a conversion is much easier.

Think of it like this. If you want something obscure, you know you have to dig a little and use the search function, but if you’re just browsing, you might be converted by the new, sexy product from the game you love. 

The example below, from our partner ChannelFireball’s Pokémon product page, showcases the best-selling products across that range, putting that highly-desirable Shining Fates box right at the top. Pokémon shoppers are very likely to make that purchase and by having it right at the top of the product list, converting the customer is quicker and easier.

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are very useful in converting visitors too. A good product description like the one below for a Strixhaven Set Booster Box is comprehensive – giving you all the details of the product (especially since there are many similar offerings in the range) and showcases the most exciting aspects of it. A good product page should have good descriptions and strong imagery. This one does and it’s perhaps no coincidence the product is sold out!

A call to action is the last, but arguably the most important element to include. You have to let your customers know how to make the purchase. It’s as simple as a button reading ‘add to cart’ or ‘buy now’. You’ll see in the below example that not only is it part of the individual product page, but it’s also a clickable element of the products on the general product page or search results page. Make it as easy as possible for your customers to find and purchase products and they will do precisely that. Hopefully putting you above that 3% rate of conversions!

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