Benefits of Using a Point-of-Sale System for Local Game Stores

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Benefits of Using a Point-of-Sale System for Local Game Stores

The advantages of using a Point-of-Sale system cannot be understated. Local game stores, and small businesses in general, use a POS system to streamline essential aspects of the business, from monitoring inventory to automatically tracking sales. 

We’re going to discuss the key features and benefits of a POS system—with a particular focus on tools for local game stores. There are a lot of POS systems available. Yet few systems are designed for game stores to sell their products seamlessly, both in-store and online. 

What is a Point-of-Sale System (POS) & How Does It Work?

At its core, a point-of-sale system enables businesses to accept payment from customers and keep track of sales. POS systems for local small businesses require a combination of software and hardware. 

For local game stores, hardware might include a barcode scanner, cash drawer, connected computer or device, credit card reader, and receipt printer. Most game stores already have these basic tools of the trade. Hardware is essential but relatively useless without software.

The software—at bare minimum—needs to include payment processing, inventory management, sales reports, and customer relationship management. 

The hardware and software of a POS system work in conjunction to ensure the following occurs:

  1. Customers are able to buy products;
  2. The POS charges them the correct price;
  3. The customer is able to pay;
  4. The transaction is completed and the sale tracked.

There are many benefits beyond simply ensuring sales are properly made. However, the most important function of any POS system is to ensure a business can receive payment from customers in exchange for its products. 

Key Features of a POS System

A point-of-sale system simplifies every aspect of completing sales. The POS system tracks every item from the time it's scanned. Therefore, inventory is always up-to-date, and store owners are able to quickly identify what products are making the most money. These key features of a point-of-sale system are absolutely necessary for any small business:

  • Accurately monitor inventory in real-time;
  • Track sales (& prove compliance with tax laws);
  • Accept various forms of payment, anywhere;
  • Social media & sales channel integration; 
  • Manage customer profiles & loyalty rewards;
  • Download reports and analytics at any time.

These features are included in any reputable POS system. Local game stores have specific needs, however, that very few POS systems are designed to consider. 

Benefits of a POS System Designed for LGS

Game stores have unique offerings that are generally not considered outside this niche industry. Local game store owners rely on hosting events and selling trading card singles to improve their bottom line. The right POS system can streamline even this aspect of sales for games stores. The following features have the potential to improve sales and reduce operational oversight: 

Event Management for LGS’

An events calendar allows customers to plan ahead for upcoming store events. A POS system for local game stores takes this a step further. Customers can sign-up for ticketed and non-ticketed events with the dynamic event calendar. Store owners can track attendance and collect vital information for informing customers, while collecting data to improve future events.  

Trading Card Singles Database

Selling trading card singles is a common stream of revenue for local game stores. But the trading card market is in constant fluctuation. Manually updating the prices on these cards across sales channels is an impossible task to maintain manually. 


BinderPOS features a complete database of TCG card singles from popular games like Magic: The Gathering, Pokèmon, Flesh & Blood, and more. The database is automatically updated every 12 hours, and stores can set custom pricing algorithms for their pricing model. Furthermore, new sets are added prior to release date, allowing customers to pre-order cards.

Deck Buylist Module

A major reason customers buy singles from local game stores is to complete the deck they’re building. A POS system that includes a buylist module is a boon for game stores, because customers can easily submit a deck-list of singles to game store owners. 

What is the Best POS System for Local Game Stores?

From setting up and selling the first product online through to managing multiple sales channels and thousands of online and in-store orders. BinderPOS adapts to business needs. Local game stores need modern systems to remain successful. BinderPOS is passionate about providing hobby stores with the tools they need to thrive. Book a demo to get started.

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