Shipping Options Available in Shopify

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Shipping Options Available in Shopify

All game store owners need to know all of the shipping options that are available to them in order to stay competitive. It can be challenging to set up your companies shipping plans and processes, but Shopify makes it easy with many different shipping options available. Outlined below are three of the shipping options that Shopify offers, and how to know which type of shipping will work best for your store.


First and foremost is the free shipping option. This obviously will be the most popular among your customers because they believe they aren’t having to pay any extra charges for shipping. This can be effective for store owners to increase their sales, but you also must realize that this option means you will need to build the price of the actual product to account for the free shipping. This isn't always the best when you are trying to remain competitive in your space. Shopify does allow you to select free shipping for specific products based on their size or weight, and all you have to do is add a condition to the shipping rate you are setting for each region in Shopify. This can be a great compromise for sellers to have the option to offer free shipping. 


Another option store owners in the United States, Canada and Australia have for their shipping in Shopify is showing the consumer the calculated price breakdown of their order at checkout by using the Shopify shipping setting. This allows the customer to see exactly what they are paying for. This is a great option for smaller stores who can’t yet cover shipping costs, or any store who doesn't have the resources to offset shipping costs. Shopify will automatically connect store owners to shipping carriers, based on your home country, that will allow them to purchase labels from and show the breakdown of the actual shipping cost.


The final shipping option store owners can use in Shopify is a flat rate. This can be done the same as when adding conditions to the free shipping option, by selecting the “Add Condition” in Shopify when adding a shipping rate. Flat rates are much easier to manage with shipping and they typically work well with customers. To calculate a flat shipping rate, store owners need take an average of their cost of shipping based on either the weight, destination, or cart total, which ever you decide to base it on.


Overall, Shopify has great shipping options for stores of all sizes and locations across the world. You can adjust your shipping prices based on the products price, size, or destinations, which allows each store to choose what works best for them. 

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