How to Sort and Display Cards in Your Store

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How to Sort and Display Cards in Your Store

The way that you display your cards in your store can directly influence the experience the customer has. Every store owner should strive to make sure every customer has a pleasant experience, so here are some tips to help set up your store to provide the customer with the best experience possible.


The first thing every store owner should be doing is distinguishing between your bulk and high-value cards. Bulk cards should be organized by set and alphabetically, with sections for each behind the counter. This allows customers and employees to find the sets or cards they are looking for quickly and easily. On the other hand, we have your high-value cards. High-value cards are the staples from each set, foils, or just about any card that a customer will see and want to buy right away. These should be displayed in glass cases, without the prices listed. Without often the prices of these high-value cards will change, not listing the price will save you a lot of time and work.


So you have your bulk cards organized by set behind the counter, and you have your high-value cards displayed in glass cases around your store to draw your customer's attention towards. What do you do with the rest of your cards or sets? Sorting the rest of your cards in binders is what we believe to be the most effective method. Store owners can either sort them alphabetically or by price in binders. If organized by price, you should have different binders for different prices ranging from 1-dollar cards, 5-dollar cards, and so on.


One last option store owners can utilize to improve the customer experience is having computers set up available for customers to use. Customers like to be comfortable! These computers can allow customers to browse through all of your inventory that you have available in store, or even see products you have listed online, comfortably. This is helpful for your employees as well because they can help other customers in the store while others browse on the computers. Once the customer selects a card or set, an employee can grab it from the shelf and bring it right to the customer. BinderPOS has an option for this in their Kiosk mode, which you can check out by visiting:


As you can see, there are many options for store owners to improve their customer's experience while shopping in their store. Organizing your bulk cards by set and alphabetically, displaying your high-value cards in glass cases throughout your store, using binders to organize your inventory, and having in store computers for your customers to browse your entire inventory are all great options that all store owners should be utilizing. The options are endless when it comes to improving the customer experience, but we feel these 4 are the ones we have seen with the most success.

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