The Best Sales Channels for Game Store Retailers - Video

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The Best Sales Channels for Game Store Retailers - Video


Selling your products online allows game store owners to reach a much larger audience. Where you list those products online will directly impact how much success you see from your online sales. Here are a few tips for game store owners to help know where you should be selling online and what sales channels you should be using.


The first place all game store owners should start is their own online store. Before moving over to other sales channels, it is important to build up your own store online and make your presence know in the online sales world. You can use your online store to sell those extra products you have laying around your store and make some extra money on the inventory you weren’t able to sell off your shelves.


Once you have your own online store started, moving into other sales channels is the next key step. You don’t want to stay with just your own store because you wont reach nearly the amount of people you can with other channels. Some of the best channels for our industry that see a lot of traffic are Amazon, eBay, and the Facebook marketplace. Each of these have their own pros and cons, but it is important to get your products on as many platforms as possible to reach the biggest audience you can.


These three mainstream channels are important to grow your stores reach, but the place you will see the most success is in industry specific sales channels. The ChannelFireball Marketplace is a great example of this. The biggest advantage that this channel has over the others is that every consumer that visits the channel is interested in some kind of TCG product. These industry specific channels push all of its products to a much more targeted audience, which allows your store to be seen by everyone who is interested in TCG product, not just your regular customers.

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