Tips to Increase Website Speed for Game Store Owners - Video

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Tips to Increase Website Speed for Game Store Owners - Video


The size and complexity of your inventory can often cause game store owners to have issues with slower website speeds. With longer loading times across your website, it can really hurt the success of your business. It has been proven that every second a visitor to your website must wait for a page to load, the chances of them becoming a customer decrease. To avoid this, we have put together some tips that will help decrease your website loading times and increase the visitor to customer conversions.


The first key item to help increase your website speed is making sure every image or graphic across your whole website is internet friendly. By internet friendly, we mean making sure the file size is small enough. When adding any image to your site, decrease the size and quality of the image to help your site load and display the image quicker. You can use tools like Photoshop and Compressor to make the files smaller and allow the pages of your site to load faster.


Another simple trick to help decrease your load times is having every page of your website be as simple as possible. Now this doesn’t mean take away all but one image or have no text at all on the page. You still want to have your pages be visually appealing, but it is key to only have what is absolutely necessary. This will help increase your load times because for every image, URL or file on a page of your website, an HTTP request has to be sent out to a server, and then sent back to your site. The more images or files you have on a page, the more requests must be sent out, and the longer it will take for the page to load. You want your pages to be simple, but still inviting and informational.

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