Items to Consider Before Adding a New Game to Your Inventory - Video

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Items to Consider Before Adding a New Game to Your Inventory - Video


The decision to bring a new game into your inventory comes with risks, to say the least. Well not to worry, we have put together a list of items that game store retailers should consider before bringing a new game into their inventory to help minimize those risks. The first thing to think about when deciding whether or not to bring a new game into your inventory is the goal the publisher has for the game. Ask yourself, What is the future the publisher sees for the game? Does this future align with the future you see for your store? If the answer is no, then maybe this is not the best game to bring into your store at the moment. 


The next thing store owners are going to want to consider before adding a new game to their inventory is the look and clarity of the game. Is the game eye-catching? Remember you are deciding if you want to put this game on your shelves. Did it grab your attention and will it grab the attention of your customers? The quality of the game should be equal to others in the market and it is your responsibility to make that determination. Do the cards compare to other games in the market? When it comes to clarity, store owners should ask themselves, is the game easy to understand and play? Are you able to briefly explain it to a customer who has questions? If the game is hard for new players to pick up and understand, they may not enjoy it. 


Another important thing to consider is the buzz the game already has in the community. Do people know about the game? Have your customers or other retailers mentioned the game? Get a sense of people's opinions about the game. Store owners can also take to online sources like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter to get a better understanding of the buzz of the game. Lastly, figure out what kind of support the publisher plans to offer to retailers. Many publishers provide resources to help retailers.

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