Dealing With Angry Customers - Video

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Dealing With Angry Customers - Video


As a local game store owner, you have had to deal with angry customers at one point or another. These situations can be frustrating and confusing to navigate. Customers can often get upset about prices or lack of inventory of a product they may be looking for. While every customer and situation is different, there are some tactics that game store owners can use to help deal with angry customers. 


First, as a store owner, do not take what the customer says personally. Taking it personally can lead store owners to react more negatively to what the customer is saying. When reactions like this take place, it results in a bigger blowout than the situation could have been. It is important that store owners stay calm and stand behind their store, their prices and do so in a firm but friendly manner. 


Another tactic that works well to help ease angry customers is to listen to them. Most of the time, upset customers want to feel heard and understood. Listen to your customers and acknowledge the inconveniences they are experiencing. Also, understand that no store or business is perfect. Take this as an opportunity to learn about areas of your store that could use improvement. 


Transparency is another tactic that can work well to appease angry customers. Customers that get upset often do not know the reasoning behind a price being too high or a lack of inventory. Opening up and sharing struggles that you may be experiencing can offer insight to these customers and bring them a level of understanding that they did not have prior. 

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