Fairly Distributing Promotional Products to Customers - Video

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Fairly Distributing Promotional Products to Customers - Video


When it comes to limited edition products, buy-a-box promos, and other promotional products, it can be challenging as a store owner trying to fairly distribute them to your customer base. Since each retailer only receives a limited amount of each of these kinds of products, not all your customers will be able to purchase them.


There are a few easy tips that we have found to make it a lot simpler for store owners to know how they can fairly and equally distribute their limited edition and promotional products. First, it is important for store owners to limit the number of buy-a-box promos or promotional products that each customer can purchase. This makes it so all your customers have a chance to buy the products that you only have a limited amount of. Segmenting your customers is another great way to promote and fairly distribute your limited-edition products. Create a mailing listing of your regular customers and let them know about upcoming promotional and limited edition sets you have coming to your store soon. This also works as a good marketing strategy in your local market. Allow your regulars to spread the word around about the products you have coming soon and get more people into your store.


Another good idea is to give your local and loyal customer base a chance to buy these limited-edition products first. You can do this by selling these products in your store only at the start, and not listing them online. Give your local, regular customers a chance at these sought-after products before the rest of the community to show them you care about and appreciate their business. Store owners can also set aside some of these products for their loyal customers. Even if they aren’t the first ones in line or if they miss the launch date, have some in the back so when they do make it into your store, you have some ready and waiting for them. This is a great way to build that relationship with them and again show them that you care.

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