Items to Include on the Company Homepage - Video

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Items to Include on the Company Homepage - Video


The success of your business can directly correlate with the design of the homepage on your company website. This is the first page people see when visiting your website, so you only have a short amount of time to make a good first impression. The goal of your homepage is to convert as many visitors as you can into customers, so it is important to have the correct material on your homepage to increase your conversion rate.

In this video, we highlighted 5 items that every local game store should include on their webpage. The first item is your Logo and Headline. This makes sure visitors know right away that this is your website and your business. Second, you will want to have a Site Map on your homepage, so people are able to easily navigate to the place they came to your website looking for. Next, including a Call-to-Action button on your homepage is important because it gives visitors that extra little bit of guidance they sometimes need to do the action you are wanting them to do on your website. For B2B companies, this can be a “Book a Demo” button, or if you are selling products, this can be a “Shop Now” button that brings people to your online store.

The fourth item to include on your homepage is photos and graphics to really grab the attention of your visitors. These can be photos of products, events, or photos of your actual store. Lastly, you will want to have Social Proof on your homepage. People love to buy from people in today’s world, so having product reviews or customer testimonials on your page will make visitors feel more comfortable buying from you over your competitor.

These 5 items are very important to include on any homepage, and there are many more items that you can add as well to make it even more compelling. To get more details on these items, as well as some examples of what they could possibly look like on a homepage, check out the video.

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