Marketing Sales & Product Releases - Video

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Marketing Sales & Product Releases - Video


We have a summer filled with upcoming product releases so retailers need to be thinking about and planning how they will market product releases to their customers. We have created a list of some ways store owners can market product releases. Many of the methods you can use to market product releases can be used to market current sales and promotions as well. Both product releases and promotions can be an easy way to spike your revenue but they must be marketed correctly to see the right results. 

Many of these marketing strategies are basic, starting with your website. There are multiple places on any website that easily grab the attention of web visitors. One place we recommended utilizing is the banner on the open page of your website. The banner is the first thing that customers see when they visit your website. You can update the banner to advertise an upcoming product release or a current sale/promotion you are running. Once the banner is updated, make sure it is clickable and takes customers directly to the page where they can pre-order product or purchase the promotional product. 

How can you reach people that don’t frequently visit your website? One place to start is social media. Create posts that advertise the upcoming product releases and current sales/promotions. Share these posts frequently on your social channels to drive traffic to your website. This is also a great opportunity to email your database. Create emails that advertise your upcoming product releases or current sales and link the corresponding pages on your website in the emails. This will make purchasing or pre-ordering product much easier for the consumer.

Lastly, we recommend that store owners advertise in-store. The best way to achieve this is by hanging posters and flyers about the product release or promotion in the areas of your store that have high foot traffic. It is important to note that with product releases, you should focus your marketing efforts leading up to the product release. With sales and promotions, you should market hard as they are going on. We hope that these strategies will help you crush your revenue goals for the upcoming quarter! 

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