Optimizing Your 'About Us' Page - Video

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Optimizing Your 'About Us' Page - Video


One of the most frequently visited pages on any website is the about us page. Customers visit this page to learn more about your company, to find out store hours and location, and much more. Because this page is visited so frequently, it is important that game store owners have it optimized for the best results. There are a few key items that every about us page should contain and we review each of these items in the video. 


First and foremost, every about us page should include a section that talks about the company's background. The goal of the background section is to get customers more comfortable with your business. You want customers to be able to connect with you. Start at the very beginning of your business, talk about the struggles you went through, and how you got to where you are as a store today. We also recommend that you have a section on your about us page that highlights your business model. Tell customers exactly what it is that you do, give details about all aspects of your store. Do you just sell cards? Do you also buy cards? Give customers all the information they might need to know about what you do. 


Of course, you should also introduce your employees on the about us page. Give customers a chance to see your staff's friendly faces and familiarize themselves. Every store owner should also include their mission statement and core values on their about us page. Again, you want to connect with your customers. A great way to do this is by letting them know why you do what you do and the standards by which you hold your store accountable. The last item we recommend in this video is your store location, hours, and contact information. This information is crucial to include as it is important that customers know how and when to find your store.

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