How to Sort and Display Cards in Your Store - Video

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How to Sort and Display Cards in Your Store - Video


The way that you sort and display cards in your store directly affects the experience customers have while in your store. There are some things that game store owners can do to provide a better customer experience. We have outlined the different ways that store owners can sort and display cards for the best experience in this video. Based on your store and your inventory some suggestions may be more useful than others but try them out and see what works best for your store. 


First, store owners should display their high-value cards and instinct purchases in glass cases. This will draw the customer's attention to these cards. We recommend with high-value cards and sets that you display them without the prices listed. A majority of the time, higher-value cards and sets change prices frequently. It can become quite a cumbersome job to have an up-to-date price listed on all cards in glass cases. 


Next, store owners should organize their bulk cards by set and then alphabetically in order to expedite the search process for their customers. Store owners also have the option to utilize binders as a way to sort and display their cards. With binders, we suggest that store owners either use them to sort cards alphabetically and by set or to sort cards by price in each binder. Both of these organization tactics will help customers find the cards they are looking for, faster. 


Last, we suggest that game store owners set up an area in their store with computers that customers can browse their inventory at. Make sure that this is a comfortable setup so customers have the chance to look at every card or set they may want to. BinderPOS has an option for store owners to utilize this method with their kiosk mode. If you would like to access this, please visit 

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