Using Facebook to Market In-Store Events

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Using Facebook to Market In-Store Events


As the world continues to head back to normalcy, events are becoming an increasingly talked about topic. Many of the large game manufacturers have announced their plans to return to organized play which has players around the globe getting more excited. In response to popular demand, many store owners have begun the process of planning, organizing, and hosting in-store events. In-store events can be a great way to bring your community together and drive traffic to your store. However, the success of in-store events relies heavily on marketing the event effectively. There are many ways you can market in-store events such as in-store displays, email blasts, and posting on social platforms such as Discord, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. 


Of all the social platforms, Facebook by far has the most capabilities when it comes to marketing in-store events. For game store owners, there are four major ways to use Facebook to market in-store events. First store owners can tailor their company Facebook page to make information about events easier to find. Owners can utilize their cover photo and the pinned post option to have all event information at the top of their page.  We then suggest that store owners create a Facebook event for the in-store event they plan to host. Event pages can be a great place to share information and updates about the event itself. Event pages also give member notifications each time there is a post on the page. This can be an easy way to give timely reminders about the event to people interested. 


Of course, retailers should also utilize Facebook to share posts about the event. We recommend that posts about the event include all necessary information about the event as well as an eye-catching graphic to get people to stop scrolling and read the post! Lastly, store owners can utilize Facebook for paid promotions to market in-store events. Owners can use paid advertisements to promote either the Facebook event page or a post about their company page advertising the event. Whichever route you choose to take with Facebook ads, make sure you use a minimum budget of $100. There you have it, four ways to use Facebook to market in-store events.

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