What Events Are Best for Your Customer Base? - Video

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What Events Are Best for Your Customer Base? - Video


Many game store owners are beginning to plan their in-store events as the world continues to open up. In-store events are a great chance for store owners to drive existing and new customers to their store. However, to see the best success with in-store events, store owners first need to understand which event types are the best for their customer base. For most local game store owners, their customer base is made up of either competitive players, casual players, or new players. This video gives a deeper explanation of the characteristics of each player and the type of events each player typically likes to attend. 

First, we start by explaining competitive players. Competitive players like to play the game for more than a reason than just to get together with friends. These are the players that you will see have interest in higher-level decks. The best type of events to run for competitive players are those with higher prize payouts. Casual Players are the next type of player we explain. These players typically play the game because they enjoy the game and the social aspect of getting together with friends to play the game. The types of events that will show the most success with causal players are those that are free to join or have a low buy-in. Lastly, we cover new players. New players obviously do not have a long history of playing the game. The types of events that work the best for new players are going to be introductory events. These events should have decks for new players to play since they most likely do not have their own. Beginner events should also be focused on teaching players how to play the game and about the stores. So, do you have the right events planned for your customer base? 

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