Building a Support Network for Your LGS

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Building a Support Network for Your LGS

A popular LGS is typically one that has built a strong support network. There are a number of ways that you can make connections in the industry, and these connections can ultimately make or break your business plan. While some of these connections can prove complicated to establish, others are surprisingly simple and beyond recommendable. Ultimately, game companies want your organization to succeed, so they will often go out of their way to help your store establish itself and build its community.


Join the Game Manufacturer’s Association

The Game Manufacturers Association, or GAMA, is one of the first additions that any LGS should add to its network. GAMA is a non-profit, trade organization that is wholly dedicated to serving the hobby industry. They offer a truly staggering array of services and resources designed to improve your store and give your community a range of options to help them succeed. For a perfectly agreeable fee, GAMA provides educational programs, many business opportunities, and events that will help guide you towards the finest industry standards. Even better, working with GAMA will also give you the opportunity to attend conventions and trade shows that put LGS innovations at the forefront of their programming.


Establish Relationships With Distributors

Any LGS that wants to maintain a community has to meet the needs of that community. The easiest way to go about this is to provide them with the products that they want to purchase, especially if you also offer events that allow them to playtest such fine products. However, this can only be done by ensuring that you can get the products on the shelves, so it’s important that you foster and build relationships with the distributors. This also helps ensure that your LGS has access to important promotional products that can spark greater interest in your customer base.


Your Community First

Above all else, however, your support network starts with your customers. Working with organizations like GAMA and distributors can build the foundation, but in the metaphor of a building your LGS won’t have any walls or even a roof if you don’t form a connection with your community. It begins with providing the right products and events, but it often means paying attention to the finer details. This may include curtailing negative behavior in certain clients or establishing boundaries that further focuses on the culture of your store, but more often than not it’s all about establishing friendly customer relationships.

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