3 Tips to Boost Magic: The Gathering Sales for LGS

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3 Tips to Boost Magic: The Gathering Sales for LGS

Selling trading card games is a significant part of the business for many hobby game stores. Magic: The Gathering, in particular, is a big seller, especially around release dates. Wizards of the Coast reported 1.3 billion in MTG sales for 2021—surpassing the billion mark for the first time. With more people buying more Magic than ever, game stores have an opportunity to boost their sales as well. 

Promote Your Events 

Promoting your game store is essential to the business overall. Promoting events is a fantastic marketing strategy, because game stores offer something no online platform can: the joy of in-person play. Here are some ways to promote game store events:

  • Offer unique prizes for winners;
  • Run a Meta (Facebook) Ad Campaign;
  • Promote the event on social media (and through your newsletter) multiple times a couple weeks leading up to the event;
  • Include event schedule print-outs with purchases;

When it comes to marketing, there will always be more to learn. Start somewhere, pivot based on research and results, and consider hiring an expert to coach you. 

Create Multiple Sales Channels

The brick-and-mortar game store is one sales channel—but it is limited by location and time. Selling online removes these constraints, allowing customers to buy from anywhere at any time of day or night. In 2022, game stores can sell products through any number of channels, including:

By selling in online marketplaces and via social media, game stores are able to go directly to their customers—as opposed to trying to bring customers to the website. 

Sell Singles Online (Not Just In-Store)

Many game stores are accustomed to cracking packs to find valuable singles and buying singles from customers to re-sale. Some game stores even have an in-store digital library of singles for customers to look through. One of the best ways to boost these sales is to start selling online as well. 

BinderPOS offers tools that help local game store owners easily set up and online store and manage inventory both online and in store. Don’t miss out on all the sales you could be making online, book a demo with BinderPOS today and learn how easy it can be to get started selling online. 

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