5 Tools That Every LGS Needs in a Point of Sale System

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5 Tools That Every LGS Needs in a Point of Sale System

At BinderPOS we wholeheartedly believe that an LGS should be empowered as much as possible with its chosen point of sale system. While there are many potential advantages that POS system can provide for a business, we wish to highlight some of the most important tools that a premium system can provide for your business. The following five tools are key when it comes to maintaining a successful LGS.


Sales Channel Integration

A solid POS system should seamlessly integrate a wide range of sales channels. From evergreen channels such as eBay and the Facebook Marketplace to specialized channels like the ChannelFireball Marketplace, you shouldn’t have to install additional applications just to access the best ways to sell. 


Social Media Integration

A top-of-the-line point of sale system should be capable of automating and otherwise easily managing the social media aspects of your LGS. Being able to promote your products and events through social channels is increasingly important in the modern market, so you should always prioritize social media in your POS considerations.



Among the many tools that a POS system should provide, analytics are arguably among the most important. Well-organized analytics and tracking allow you to determine what’s selling and through what channels, allowing you to further customize your inventory to meet the needs of your customers, ultimately further boosting sales!


Card Database

If your LGS depends on selling singles, you want to ensure that your POS system can appropriately track current prices so you can keep up with sales trends. Staying competitive in the constantly shifting TCG singles market is deeply important, so make sure that your point of sale system is built to maintain a consistently updated database. 


Event Management

Special events, like prereleases and tournaments, can be major occasions when it comes to driving sales. Making it easy for your customers to sign up and for you to track attendance and other elements of your event are all features that you should strongly consider in any POS system. BinderPOS is pleased to provide all of these tools and more, proudly serving your LGS with the finest tools on the market.

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