Top 4 Sales Channels for LGS’ to Sell Online

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Top 4 Sales Channels for LGS’ to Sell Online

Reaching as many potential customers as possible should be a priority for any LGS that wants to succeed, and we want to help you discover the best online sales channels available. While the digital market may be volatile, there are a number of key outlets that you can turn to in order to reliably turn a profit.  We thoroughly recommend that you diversify your options and sell through multiple channels, in addition to your store’s personal website.  While the available choices for online sales are always growing, we recommend the following four as a great way to build your digital presence:


  • The ChannelFireball Marketplace

Through ChannelFireball, you can enjoy the benefits of a notably streamlined, TCG-focused sales experience. The ChannelFireball Marketplace allows customers to refine their search to find exactly what they are looking for, so you can set yourself up for success by offering in-demand products that you know your clientele will be aiming to pick up and play. 


  • Amazon

While less focused than something like the Marketplace, Amazon is one of the largest sales channels online for a reason. Your ultimate goal is to reach as wide an audience as possible, so making Amazon listings for your products guarantees that they’ll get eyes on them, including the high potential for repeat customers. The simple review system offered by Amazon also means that timely sales and good customer service can potentially bring in even more customers.


  • Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace started out as something of an underdog, but it is consistently growing and targets an extremely online audience. Most notably, Facebook is home to a diverse array of communities that you can readily advertise to, allowing you to further narrow your focus on specific demographics or collectors. On the Facebook Marketplace, there essentially isn’t a niche too narrow for you to consider.


  • eBay

The all time classic when it comes to digital marketing, eBay is still a spectacular way to move product. Its auction system, alongside the option for “buy-it-now” pricing lets you sell both bulk product and rarities alike. eBay in particular allows you to keep a close eye on market prices so you can sell at the right price, at the right time. You can easily find competing listings at any time, taking away some of the stress of a shifting market. 


  • Open Channels

The modern LGS market is increasingly built around finding success online. If you want to move more product off your shelves and straight into the hands of more players, you should thoroughly consider expanding your options. The best ways for an LGS to sell online can vary, but we recommend experimenting with several channels  once you’re prepared to make the leap beyond brick and mortar sales.

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